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About a month ago I met a lovely lady in church. I remarked to her that she looked very nice that day. She told me she was 92. I said she didn’t look a day over 75. I spoke the truth. I asked her what her secret was – Oil of Olay perhaps? She proceeded to tell me that she did facial exercises to keep her face looking young and promised to teach them to me. So there we were in the ladies room after church yesterday and she teaches me two exercises. The first one involves thrusting ones bottom chin out and holding for a count of 10. As I practiced she advised me to notice how this lifted the bosom and built muscles to support the breasts. I kept a straight face…for about 10 seconds. The next exercise involved holding the upper lip down and grimacing to build up the face muscles. Equally amusing but no bosom lifting on that one. As my mother would say, “I met the most interesting woman…” May I look so good at 92.

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Spending Time

I do know that Albert Einstein had some theory about the relativity of time. Not having a scientifically oriented mind, I really don’t know what he meant by that. However, as I am getting older and watching my parents get older, time does seem to be moving far more quickly than pleases me. I’m over half a century old myself and only just now really understand that I won’t get everything done in life that I once set out to do. My parents are close to 80 but more active than me. It is quite certain that they will be in the midst of some project or plans when their time comes to leave this earth.

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